Tuesday on the Coast


A Little Political Inspiration and Humor

Tuesday finds me back on the Coast. I didn’t expect to be here today but I’m glad to be here to help Maggy with some needs she had and to visit with my kids. We plan to get over to visit my parents tomorrow.

I want to point you to a few posts you may not know about. Jim Miller has spent much time in singles ministry and he has started a new blog devoted to that subject located HERE.

I think a very needed discussion is taking place at Danny Dodd’s blog. As a divorced minister he is becoming a part of a growing population in Christianity – those ministers who have left behind one marriage for either singlehood or another marriage. Join in the discussion at THIS POST.

Other great posts are listed on the Hot Posts page!

Also my newest sermons are now available on A NEW PODCAST PAGE HERE, and you can also subscribe to them via iTunes on that page as well. Thanks to those who inquired about that!

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