Tuesday on the Coast

There is a layer of ice and snow in many parts of the United States, but today on the Coast we topped out about 80 degrees. Ick. Being a Southerner, I’ve had few chances to build a snowman. I remember many years ago when I was preaching at Ruleville, Mississippi the forecast was for a snowstorm (Northerners can feel free to laugh at this description). I packed a few things and drove to my friend Danny Dodd’s house (five miles away). Along with his daughter, Danny and I were able to assemble a pretty decent snowman, at least from our perspective. He lived on a circular cove, and we built the snowman in the median across from his house. Not long after that some bratty kids came along and started kicking at our snowman. They did not know they were about to stir the wrath of the Dobber! I went outside and yelled at those kids to get away from my snowman or I was going to come out there and take control of the situation….or…er…something like that. They ran away in terror (I’m sure). Danny laughed and thought that I may have stirred a scandal … yelling at the grandchildren of some of his members. Oops! Well, they deserved a lot more than they got! Sad as it is, that’s my only snowman story. We have attempted to build snowmen out of sleet, but that story is even more boring than this one.

We have about 15 Mennonites here working on homes in our community. They are marvelous people, and getting a lot done. We have a married couple coming next week to do some work, and then some between Christmas and New Year. January is booked solid. We stand amazed that God continues to send workers to bless us and help us.

Today Jim Ingram and I traveled to Biloxi to visit our friend in the VA. He apparently has a bad cold, perhaps pneumonia. We enjoyed our visit anyway. Then I called Les Ferguson Jr and he met us in D’Iberville for lunch. I enjoyed delightful conversations with long time friends. Late last night I received notice that LOST: SEASON THREE has just shipped yesterday. Yes, there is a Santa! I plan to watch all three seasons before February’s Season Four begins. Now just when I’ll do that, I do not know!

Happy Birthday to Pope Leo X (1475), known for his failure to diffuse the Protestant Reformation and quiet Martin Luther. Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno (1931), the beautiful Puerto Rican singer, dancer, and Academy Award winning actress. She also won an emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and Tony! Appearing in dozens of movies and television shows, she continues to be active on stage and screen. She married in 1965 and has remained married to the same man who is also her manager. That alone, in Hollywood, should earn her an award. Happy Birthday to Donna Jean Miller (1940), better known as the vivacious soap siren Donna Mills. She began her career on the soap Love is a Many Splendored Thing, but is perhaps beter known as Abby on the long running night time soap, Knots Landing. She also had a recurring role on Melrose Place. Her most famous movie role ws opposite Clint Eastwood in the creepy Play Misty For Me. Happy political Birthday to John Kerry (1943). It’s the birthday of one of my favorite actresses, Terri Garr (1944).  Early in her career she appeared in several Elvis Presley movies.  My favorite movie appearance is her role in Mel Brooks’ screamer, Young Frankenstein. Terri Garr suffers from multiple sclerosis and has become a leading advocate in raising awareness for MS. Happy Birthday to actress Lynda Day George (1944), cast member of television series Mission: Impossible (1971-1973), among many other series and films. Short country crooner Brenda Lee (1944) has a birthday today. I’m sure by now you’ve heard her ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree’ about 50 times – it has sold over 5 million copies. She is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Happy Birthday to Christina Onassis, daughter of billionaire Aristotle Onaassis and Athinia Livanos. Her father married Jacqueline Kennedy in 1968. Christina died at age 38. Preferring to be called Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Jermaine LaJaune Jackson (1954) has spent his career as a singer and bass guitarist in the shadow of more famous siblings, Michael Jackson and the wardrobe-malfuntioning Janet Jackson. Jermaine converted to Islam in the 1980s. Happy rockin’ Birthday to bassist Nikki Sixx (1958), best known either for being in the band Motley Crue, or for excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

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I’ll leave you with a great scene from Young Frankenstein featuring Terri Garr. Thanks for reading, John.


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