Tuesday on the Coast

Greetings friends! Yesterday I had lunch with Jim Ingram. He’s been out of town as much as I have in the past two weeks, so we had some catching up to do. We’ll spend some time visiting others today. Late yesterday we got our Pennsylvania volunteers set up to watch the Steelers / Dolphins game on ESPN. Aside from horrendous field conditions this was not going to be much of a game. Miami has yet to carry home a win. It’s so late in the season, and even a win at this point would be so boring, maybe they should just go home and rest. Look at me, talking about sports. My friends are laughing. We had a good recovery meeting last night with a few new faces.

Big news in Mississippi, and Pascagoula in particular, is the resignation of Senator Trent Lott. Like most Americans, I do not know Mr. Lott. I have noticed him at the hardware store across the store from our building. I didn’t try to interrupt his conversation or take a paparazzi shot for the Enquirer. And I know that the same storm that ruined my home destroyed his. The part of me that is cynical toward all politicians is just waiting for the other shoe to drop … a scandal, accusation, or revelation. Why would this powerful politician so suddenly release his position? Then again, he is a man. Maybe he’s had enough. I wish the Lotts well and hope to bump into him sometime in town. I’ll shake his hand and thank him for his service. He has served Mississippi well.

Happy Birthday to two TV personalities who had shows for kids. Buffalo Bob Smith (1917) hosted the Howdy Doody Show. He passed away at age 80 in 1998. Still living, however, is Bill Nye the Science Guy (52). For those fascinated with all things KennedyCaroline turns 50 today. No longer with us but still regarded as a guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix was born on this date. He died at age 27 in 1970. Historical cake goes to Robert Livingston (1746), one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. A karate chop salute to celebrate the birthday of Bruce Lee (1940), martial arts master. Country singer Eddie Rabbit was also born on this day. Like many aspiring songwriters and singers, Rabbit made his way to Nashville where he had a breakthrough success in 1970 when Elvis Presley recorded his song Kentucky Rain. With success in the country crossover market with songs like I Love a Rainy Night and Driving My Life Away in the 80s, the 90s saw his recording career declining. After the loss of a child due to illness, he spent his time raising money for causes that helped sick children. In all, he recorded 26 songs that reached #1 on the country charts. He died of lung cancer at the age of 56. My favorite Eddie Rabbit song was a duet with Crystal Gayle called You and I. Beautiful.

Later today I hope to post some sermon notes from Sunday and a link to the audio.

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