Tuesday on the Coast


It’s an overcast Tuesday on the Coast. There is a light cool breeze and it is a great day to visit Beach Park for prayer and reflection. Perhaps I will do that this afternoon.  I do not like blogging every other day. Too many things build up and then I either forget about them, or overload the post with too many links (like this post!).

Tonight I have a great conflict of intentions … should I watch American Idol or should I come to the church building to hear Al Sturgeon speak to the students from Arkansas? I’ve been wrestling with this today as well. We are down to three contestants on American Idol. And I can see Al anytime. Jim Ingram and I visited my friend in the VA Hospital in Biloxi today. We then enjoyed a lunch at McDonalds. Yes, McDonalds – which I have always said is lowest on the fast food chain (not accounting for Checkers, which doesn’t even exist in my world…don’t get me started). The new Southwest Salad at McD’s is excellent. Go get one.

I didn’t really -plan on it, but I spent an hour or so today going through all the blogs on my BLOG LIST. I’m sorry but if you haven’t posted since February, I deleted your name (with a few exceptions). I also added a few. If you’d like your blog to be there, let me know!

Jerry Falwell was found dead today at his desk. The iconic preacher who started the Moral Majority and became the voice of religious fundamentalism in America was a lightning rod for controversy over the years. I’m sure many of those things will be resurrected, even as people line up to pay homage to the Baptist preacher. Although I have never been a Falwell fan, no one can deny his success at expanding his ministry and influencing large numbers of people. I’m sure this will be much fodder for blogdom. Lee Hodges has some thoughts posted.

The Geico Cavemen get their own show! I think it could not be better than the catchy television commercials that always make me laugh. “If it’s so easy, why am I having a meltdown???” Hey…did you know they have their own website? Play around there… sometimes when you re-visit some of the rooms you get different results! Click HERE!

Larry James Reflects On A Tough Mother’s Day For Urban Mothers.

Scott Freeman ruminates on the devaluation of preachers.

Dr. Butner has suggestions for families facing storms.

Bloomberg is prepared to pay 1 Billion Dollars in his bid for the White House. Personally, I would vote for him if he spent one billion dollars to infuse a dying neighborhood with new homes, jobs, parks, and schools. He could do it. But he doesn’t.  Nobody wants to do it. It’ll just be the same ole political hoo-hah. The vote is 1.5 years away from today and I’m already bored to tears with it.

Can you find holiness after divorce? Danny Sims says yes. I’ve found that the people who hate divorce the most are those who have been through it.

Have a laugh: If Airlines Were Like Churches

An opportunity to help in Greensburg.

Bobby’s been at the Chronicle for two years! Congratulations!

Jason drops the weight.

Neva Ponders on Knowing When it is Time to Give Up.

 Ten Books that Affected Trey’s Life.

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