Tuesday Night Thoughts

Greetings Friends! Thanks for checking in to the blog in such great numbers … in fact yesterday’s post on the ISWW hit a new record! I hope that’s a good sign of a great crowd headed to Tulsa. We can’t wait to get on the road tomorrow!

Looks like a lot of bloggers will be at Tulsa. We discussed some months ago having a blogger booth, but I reckon that didn’t materialize (or at least I haven’t heard about it!). I hope I get to see as many of you as possible!

I liked this article from our local paper on Louisiana Wildlife.

Tonight’s American Idol was a little disappointing to me. I just did not enjoy the song selections for the most part. Michael Johns and David Cook are stepping up to the plate, though. I had a lot of fun doing the streaming web cam thing while the show was on. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. Check out my TWITTER updates on the blog and on my facebook to know when I’m online with the cam running. The chatroom is great. I was actually able to get a feed going on the blog … dunno if you could hear … but without seeing the chatroom I’m not sure the conversation made much sense. Thanks to Karen for stopping by and getting a preview of AI before it aired on the West Coast.

Speaking of American Idols, Clay has a new CD coming soon! This week I bought Avalon’s newest CD and I’m enjoying it. I feel a review may be forthcoming!

I have some new links on the HOT POSTS page!

I do hope to be blogging from Tulsa Workshop … Check in frequently!

How’s this for a sweet ride:

Definitely Not A Preacher Car!

Thanks for reading!



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