Tuesday Morning on the Coast

Yesterday was a good day. I started off the day meeting with some pastors from around town at the Worship Center. They were to have a guest speaker, but he could not come. Instead we spent some time reflecting on Psalm 133. A few of the men said that this passage had been on their minds that morning. It had not been on my mind. However, as I studied my lesson for the addictions class last night, it was a part of that lesson as well. God seems to draw connecting lines between things he wants us to notice. We had a good class last night, with one new person attending. A few people were not there due to illness or being out of town.

I think that several of the pastors around town want to meet more regularly, and this is being prompted by the new guy at First Presbyterian, Clint. Coming to Pascagoula a year ago from Austin, Texas, he has brought a fresh spirit of interest and friendship among the ministers in town. Because of my Church of Christ heritage I never knew the other ministers in town very well. I mean, you know they’ve got their doctrine all wrong, don’t you? Horrace, from the Worship Center, has admitted that we all have different doctrinal understandings on some pretty significant things. But there is also much in common. Our interest in meeting together is not to iron out our doctrinal differences. That’s not likely to happen. We do all serve in a community that needs to know about Jesus very badly. We are all committed to give our lives to Christ, love the Scriptures, and serve with our hearts. Those are some pretty broad common grounds. Anyway, I enjoy knowing these men and I am enriched by their spirit.

Then Horace asked me if I knew Rod Tate. The world gets smaller.

Today I have an appointment with a friend to begin with. Then later in the morning Jim Ingram and I will do some visiting together. He is wanting a smoothie from Dough Joes and I would guess we would end up at that place on our journey around town.

I am doing some reading about fasting and I’m fascinated with it. I’d like to know if any of you have a regular habit of fasting … or have fasted … or what you think about fasting. Why do we never talk about fasting?

You’ve heard me talk about the M & Ms …. Margo & Mary …. the two ladies from Bloomington who came down here several times to work in the kitchen. Well, I think Mary has decided to move down here for a year and make that a more permanent job for herself. Volunteers never cease to amaze me!

David and Elaine Kilbern are in Missouri for the week, enjoying some much needed time away. I hope they have a very restful trip. David has promised to silence his phone and only retrieve messages a few times a day. This is a big achievement for him! Their wedding anniversary is Thursday. I’m not sure how many years they have been married, but they seem just as enamoured with each other as they can be. I pray that God will give them many more years together. If you would like to send a card, I’ll be happy to deliver a handful of cards to them! Just mail them in care of Central Church of Christ P. O. Box 2104 Pascagoula, MS 39569.

We have a work crew from Denver coming in Saturday evening.

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