Tuesday is for… Tornado?

Today began with tornado warnings on the Coast. Often these warnings are radar detected and you never really hear about a touchdown. Today’s tornadoes were sighted by emergency management and minor damage reports are coming in. The rain has now stoped and we apparently are in for some lower temperatures as this sytem passes through the area.

I spent most of yesterday at Singing River Hospital as our daughter Nicole was trying to have a baby. In spite of the attempt to induce labor, it didn’t happen. The disappointed couple went home about 4:30. They may try again Thursday if nature doesn’t take over. Good health prevails, though, and for that we give thanks.

Last night was the first night of our addictions class. We had eleven present for a beginning session. I personally felt it went great. In our group there are several different addictions / bad habits / poor life decisions represented. I believe it takes basically the same principles to overcome all of our struggles.  Others may join us in the nights ahead as we embark on this journey to recovery.

Our crew from the Windsor Church of Christ in Colorado is doing a great job. They have a great attitude and love to be of service. They are like so many others who have found their way to Pascagoula since August 2005.

Now I want to end with a question: What Bothers You? As the minister for our church, I accept the fact that people want to express to me what is bothering them.  As a friend, I don’t mind listening to these.  Sometimes it gives me opportunity to pass along information that is helpful. Sometimes I understand why the bother, and sometimes not. I guess the privilege of my blog is to express what bothers me. And what bothers me is the kinds of things that bother some people. I guess I’ll leave it at that.


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