Greetings Friends! I hope your week is going well. Today I met a lady today that had a story I used to hear often, but now not-so-often. Sometime in the past she adopted her two small grandchildren. After Katrina, her house was condemned and she is still living in a FEMA camper. She attempted to get help, but a shady contractor ripped her off for $20,000. Here she is over two years since Katrina, still living in a camper with kids, and still no action on a home. Her husband? He died right before the storm hit. Incredible circumstances are still being faced by storm victims. We’ve had two inquiries this week about youth groups coming next summer. David Kilbern has been out of town hunting, so we will get together when he gets back and formulate a plan for next year. Our next volunteers, however, arrive in November. It’s been interesting getting used to life here without volunteers, and I wonder if it will be difficult to get used to life with volunteers back in town! But when I meet ladies like the one I just mentioned, I know that the work is still necessary.

When my leg flared up two weeks ago, I ceased my morning walk. Then we were out of town for a week, so it’s been two weeks. This week Jim Ingram and I have been back at the track hoofing it. It’s amazing how difficult it is to get started again. We have decided that two miles is sufficient for our morning walk, and that still leaves me with enough energy to do a few things in the yard before the day gets started. I enjoy starting my day with Jim, he is a genuine disciple of Jesus who loves people. He has served in an excellent manner as an elder in our congregation for several years now.

It’s been a jumble of real life stuff the past few days. Our son has been very ill with a virus. He’s much better today. We’re hoping to avoid the nasty bug … the virus, not our son. A benevolence case we’ve been working with has turned out to be a con … and of course with me the most gullible man in America, that wasn’t too hard for him. We have been receiving materials to be used next week at the fair, and that’s going to be great. There are several people from Central who are going to be participating in running the booth. It’s been hard for me to get back in the groove of things after a week of illness, and a week out of town. But I’m getting there! I have managed to visit Dough Joe’s most afternoons and that feels normal!

Tomorrow I hope to have lunch with Al Sturgeon … something we used to do weekly but the storm interrupted that and we have never really been able to recover that good habit. I’m going to talk to him about his lack of blogging lately!

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