Tornado in Monroe

Thanks to those who have inquired about us after the much publicized tornado in Monroe. Even though we were warned weather would be ‘severe’ we did not expect it to develop like it did. When it comes to tornadoes, who can expect anything?

Our house did not sustain damage at all, but my mother’s house did. Although it is pretty extensive, she was blessed in that she was not present when it happened. And her living area was not damaged, just peripheral areas. In fact, her power was restored this afternoon. We are grateful for these things. Especially in light of the fact that she has a surgery scheduled for early in the morning. Tough week, but not as bad as some weeks I remember.

Particularly with a storm named Katrina. In some ways this storm provided some vivid reminders of our Coast hurricane. But in other ways, it didn’t even get close.

It was like Katrina in that there were some homes totally destroyed, but unlike Katrina in that there were many homes (such as my own) that were left untouched.

It was like Katrina in that there were mass power outages, but unlike Katrina in that they are being quickly restored.

It was like Katrina in that there were supplies being given out like ice and hot food from Salvation army, but unlike Katrina you could drive a few blocks and dine at Waffle House.

It was like Katrina in that volunteers were arriving to help in various locations – mostly sponsored by area churches, but unlike Katrina in that they mostly live here and will go home tonight.

So, in severity it was not like Katrina at all. But to those who are cleaning up, talking with insurance agents, trying to figure out the next step … it’s a powerful storm nonetheless. We are grateful to the many Entergy workers and others who are working hard for long hours to try to get us back to our comfortable lives.

Pray for our community as we come together. We are unaccustomed to this kind of weather. I ask you to pray that someone decides to give their lives to Christ during this recovery because they are seeing Christ’s love in action through the hands and feet of volunteers.

Thanks for reading.