Torn #4: Interrupted

…In all his questions to Job, god never really acknowledged the specific meaning behind the things Job had been through. … He never answered the question of why people suffer and struggle. … The truth is God was there for Job. And he is there for us too, closer than we realize. ~Jud Wilhite, TORN

Everyone who suffers asks the same questions. Whenever you are talking with someone who is just beginning a dark journey of suffering, you can almost ask the questions for them.

Why is God doing this to me?

Why doesn’t God do something to stop this?

What good does it do to follow God if He allows these kinds of things to happen to people who have tried to serve Him?

I know. I’ve asked those same questions – and more. And so have most of you. You can’t live a long time on this earth without having your life interrupted by difficulties – sometimes tragic ones. It is then that we turn to Job for answers.

The answers we learn from Job are not the ones we had hoped to answer. But perhaps the answers we learn from Job speak to the deeper issues of our heart. If we had all the answers as to why something bad happened in our lives …  why we lost a loved one, why we got cancer, why we suffer chronic pain … would we have relief from our pain? I do not think the answer is found in the answers we seek.

At some point we are asked to put our trust in God. Not because He will keep any bad or unfair thing from happening to us. Not because we will be protected from The Adversary. But because God was here before there was a here; God will be here after here is gone. The eternal Creator loves us and will see us through these hardships and heartbreaks. He hasn’t left us or become inattentive. He can even turn these tragedies into unexpected triumphs. But we are called to place our lives in His hands.

That’s what faith is for. If you want to only have faith when you don’t need it, that is your decision. But when we really need faith is when there isn’t anything left to hang on to. When your life is interrupted by the unexpected – that is the time to relinquish your questions and worries and hurts into the hands of the One who can carry you through. Too often this is when people jump ship.

But not Job. He sat. In the ashes of sorrow. He asked his questions. He confronted hard realities. He ultimately trusted God. So must we.

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