Top Ten Ways Preachers Could Use a Drone



This image is familiar to most people after this week’s announcement on 60 Minutes by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (CNN News story here). Wouldn’t it be amazing to order something on Amazon and then have it airdropped on your front lawn within 30 minutes? I guess 2 day free shipping is just not fast enough for us. Of course all the really smart people in the world are asking questions about this. As for me, I wonder if we could get Krispy Kreme donuts to get in on this gig? Anyway, that got me to thinking about …

Top Ten Ways Preachers Could Use a Drone

10. With precision GPS, a drone could tap on the window of a member who decided to sleep in on Sunday.

9. With a loudspeaker, that same drone could blast out: “FIRE! EVERYBODY GET OUT!!!”

8. With a camera, that same drone could record them running out of the house in their PJs and project it onto the big screen at church.

7. Eavesdrop on the conversations of critical church members to gather sermon material.

6. While playing golf, the preacher could monitor the whereabouts of the church elders, making sure they haven’t detected he is actually relaxing.

5. On Sunday, each contribution plate can have its own drone and if a member doesn’t give they get a Blue Light Special alert!

4. During the sermon a drone can be outfitted with a special snore detector and a lightweight taser.

3. Hover over teenagers to make sure they are looking at their Bible app during the sermon, and not playing evil video games!

2. Deliver the sermon from remote locations. I suggest lying on a beach in Hawaii in flowery trunks with sunshades, white sunscreen on the nose, little umbrella in a coconut, and a Bible.

1. Fried Chicken Delivery. Preach the Word and pass the bird. That is all.

Love to hear your ideas too!

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