Top Ten Posts in the Past 30 Days


Here are the top ten posts in the past 30 days, in case you missed them! Not all were written within the past 30 days, but these were the most viewed during that time. I appreciate that anyone would take a moment to read what I write. Thanks also to those who have subscribed and receive the posts in their email!

10 – REVIEW: GROWING UP CHURCH OF CHRIST. This review I wrote of Mike Allen’s book continues to be of interest. If you have wanted to read his book, there is a link on that page to purchase a copy.

9 – DISCONNECTED. A post from February about being disconnected (involuntarily!) from the digital universe … and how much more serious a matter it is to be disconnected from the Creator of the universe.

8 – COMPADRES BLOG TOUR. Some friends of mine decided to do a blog tour this summer and just write about the glory of Jesus. other than that overarching theme, everyone was free to write what was on their heart. Check it out! The blog tour is ongoing through August with posts twice per week.

7 – NAME. Some reflections on the soft drink beverage that decided to put people’s names on their label.

6.  PRAYER WORDS. If you sometimes need help getting started with prayer, here are some words to kickstart your prayers. This post from September 2009 is one of the most popular ones on my blog and always shows up in top ten lists. It is the 6th most popular of my posts since the beginning of this blog. (The first is THIS ONE in case you’re interested!)

5.  BROKEN PRAYER. A prayer for the world that I wrote after observing some of the headlines of the day … and an appeal to God to rescue the hurting.

4. LABELS HURT. A post I wrote that was a part of a set written by three or four others on the subject of labeling people.

3. 50 BOOKS FOR YOUR KINDLE FOR $3 OR LESS! Everyone who reads my blog knows I love books for the Kindle – especially free or cheap ones. I don’t know if these books are still $3 or less, but some of them might be!

2. WHY ARE YOU MORAL? This was a guest post by Ken Stegall that  pointed out the connection of morality and democracy. I thought it was excellent.

1. ONE DOZEN IDEAS TO MAKE MARRIAGE WORK. It was an unexpected surprise that this post was so popular, but I’m glad. I hope it was an encouragement to anyone who is struggling in their marriage to do all they can to make it work.

Thanks for checking in and for subscribing. I appreciate your interest in my little corner of the world.


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