Top Ten Posts for September 2012

Here are the top ten posts for September on this blog.

10. Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of That City. A video of Dottie Rambo singing her awesome song, lyrics provided in the blog. Love that song!

9. Bagging Groceries Can’t Be That Hard! – a humor piece that apparently is still cashing in!

8. Free Books for Your Kindle 9.25.12. Check them out – maybe some are still free!

7. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up – encouragement for weary Christians.

6. Prayer Words – words to help you get started in prayer. This one is consistently in the top ten.

5. Quiet Talks for Your Kindle – S. D. Gordon’s ‘Quiet Talk’ series of books were free on Kindle. I would guess they still are.

4. Our Empty Chairs – a reflection on grief from December of 2010.

3. Grace Giveaway – I gave away a copy of Max Lucado’s newest book. More giveaways coming soon. The more you click on the amazon links the more I can give away!

2. Honey Bun Cake – I tend to think there might be some conspiracy to keep this in the top ten… it’s there most of the time!

1. Fear No Evil – a prayer from Psalm 23. This was posted in October of 2010. I do not think this has been in the top ten before.

Thanks for reading!