Top Ten Posts for October

Here are the top ten most visited posts on this blog during the month of October! I always appreciate you stopping by!

10. Our Empty Chairs. This was a reflection of grief and loss from a few years ago.

9. Bagging Groceries Cannot Be That Hard! Is it OK to ‘amen’ myself? Amen!

8. Free Kindle Books 10/27/12. As always, check the price before you ‘buy’. I love my Kindle … and the new Kindle HD is supposed to arrive at my doorstep any day now! Also popular was another post of free Kindle books located HERE.

7. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up. This post makes the top ten often… I think because it addresses a subject we all need to read about from time to time.

6. To Clothing Manufacturers on Behalf of Fat Men Everywhere. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and evidently it’s still making the rounds! (no pun intended!)

5. Prayer Words. This older post remains in the top ten. And to be honest, it’s one of my favorites too.

4. Giveaway: Kindle Edition of The Duck Commander Family! Congratulations to Ken Harris for winning the giveaway. When you click on the book links on this blog, it enables me to do more giveaways like this one. This giveaway is concluded, but another is on the way!

3. Christ, Our Treasure.

2. Nothing But Free Christian Fiction for Your Kindle!  Since Kindle book prices change frequently, make sure how much they cost before you ‘buy’!

1. Honey Bun Cake! I can’t decide if it is humiliating or hilarious that this post consistently makes the top ten…and is the number one visited post in October!

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by my blog!