Top Ten Posts For First Half of 2013


Here are the top ten posts on this blog from the first half of 2013! This list will include posts from other time periods, but because of a renewed interest they gained attention during the past six months.

I’m always grateful that anyone takes a moment to stop by and see what I’m writing about – I consider that a privilege and I thank you.

During this time period one particular post had more hits than any post ever on this blog. I was surprised and amazed that it enjoyed the number of hits that it did. By far most of those came via sharing the post link on Facebook. So thanks to all my Facebook friends (and their friends, and the friends of those friends) who shared the post concerning my thoughts about the Paula Deen debacle! I doubt I’ll ever have another post quite that popular!

So in case you missed them, here are the top ten posts on this blog for the first half of 2013!

10. The Chicken Sandwich War. You remember when the big news story of the day was how horrible that Chick-Fil-A place is! Where did that story go! Hmmm…maybe lunch plans today.

9. Permission to Be a Regular Preacher. Don’t be so starry-eyed that you miss the very important soul right in front of you.

8. A Nation Weeps. A brief response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

7. To Clothing Manufacturers on Behalf of Fat men Everywhere! Self explanatory!

6. Christ, Our Treasure. You are rich beyond measure if you have found Christ!

5. Fear No Evil! A reflection from the 23rd Psalm.

4. Prayer Words. Don’t know how to get started in prayer?

3. Honey Bun Cake! Much more than a recipe, there’s a heart touching story to go with it.

2. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up! We need momentum!

1. Hey Paula! When I first composed this blog I had a YouTube video link to the song Hey Paula at the beginning of the post. I finally decided this was not the way to go. 21,398 hits on this post make it the most popular ever on this blog! Thank you!

While I’m noticing trends, in the past 30 days one of the most popular posts is one that I wrote in 2008. I wrote an Open Letter to Miley Cyrus. Her newest CD … and the continuation of a morally downward spiral … may have fueled that interest. Also in the past 30 days a popular post was about a word we do not like to say. Goodbye is Hard was the name of that post.

Finally, as I look at the stats page there are a number of posts that only had one hit during the past month. Most of these are older posts. Among my favorite one-hit-wonders ….

Godly Sorrow Changes Everything

Running with The Horses

All is Grace

Thanks once more for sharing this little place on the internet with me!