Top Ten Posts for February

Following the trends that others are setting, here are my top ten posts for February 2011. They are not all new posts, some are quite old, but continue to receive interest.

1. Honey Bun Cake. I think it’s hilarious that of all of the things I think are important that I’ve written about on my blog, this is the top post. By the way, I cannot resist this cake, so DO NOT MAKE this for me … at this time.

2. Coffee Break 2 – a new feature of my blog. Occasional posts of links I think are excellent.

3. Peacemakers. Questions of reflection about how the beatitudes lead us to be peacmakers. (This was actually a section of my sermon notes that I deleted from the sermon due to time constraints.)

4. A Courageous Stand. In this video Dr. Timothy George relates a courageous stand taken in the face of one of the world’s most evil men: Adolph Hitler.

5. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up. Part of my series on gaining momentum in our spiritual journey.

6. Coffee Break 3.  More linkage!

7. Review: Windows Phone 7, part 1. Self explanatory!

8. Prizes. Have you entered this great contest yet?

9. Facing Our Failure. A review of the excellent book by Todd Deaver.

10. Coffee Break 1. Linkage!

Honorable Mention: Prayer Words.

Page views for John Robert’s page continue to be the second highest visited page on my blog. I’m grateful.

If you missed one of these posts, go check them out and see what’s caught the attention of others!

And if you make that Honey Bun Cake, you will NOT be sorry!

Thanks for reading,