Top Ten Posts for August!

Here are the top ten posts for the month of August, 2012.

10. Happy in Heaven. A reflection on the one year anniversary of the passing of my father in law.

9. Malibu for Sale! And yes, it is still available!

8. Weekend Book Giveaway! (That was another weekend, the book was given away!)

7. Quiet Talks Free For Your Kindle! Pick up most of S. D. Gordon’s Quiet Talks series for free!

6. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up. This one remains a favorite.

5. Prayer Words. Some suggestions to help us with prayer. This one shows up often as a most popular post.

4. Bagging Groceries Can’t Be That Hard! A humor piece written after a trip to the grocery! Not everyone found it funny!

3. Our Empty Chairs.  A reflection on grief.

2. Free Kindle Finds for August 17th! Likely not free any more!

1. Free Finds for Your Amazon Kindle! People love free books! Me too! I list free Kindle books on almost every post now!

Thank you for reading!