Top Ten Fantasy Perks

Preaching is a weird profession. It is not really a profession. I do appreciate those who treat their work as a minister in a professional manner – and believe that that glorifies God. Still, it is more of a calling than a ‘job’ or ‘career’.

In our time, preachers who look for a new ministry will at some point in the process hammer out an agreement with a church that includes ‘perks’ – or items of benefit to the minister in addition to a salary. Usually this is a distasteful process for all, but perhaps necessary. Unfortunately churches in the past have starved their preacher and family while expecting 24/7 service with excellence. Today, I see less of that and am grateful.

In a whimsical moment this morning I wondered what the top ten fantasy perks might be for a preacher’s office today. I have no doubt that one preacher’s “fantasy” perk is another’s reality. I’ve always admired Alexander Campbell’s study. Here’s my top ten list!

10. Office with windows overlooking a beautiful lake. What an enhancement! Some of my friends are working in offices that look like they belong at the state prison!

9. Reclining office chair. You know, for power naps.

8. Back door – in order to escape quickly if needed!

7. Bathroom in office – with appropriate ventilation.

6. Bookshelves in bathroom. Important study time could be wasted without this perk.

5. Massage Therapist available to help us when we get too tense wrestling with great theological themes.

4. Automatic purchase of all new techno gear. When the iPad is out, you have one on you desk. If they come out with an advanced one, that one will be there too!

3. Fake office. This is where you receive guests and visit. It will be nice, neat, attractive. Then after the meeting you can go back to your disaster zone of an office (the real one!).

2. Keurig Coffee Maker hooked up to water supply with endless k-cup varieties to enjoy!

1. Homemade cookies. Daily.

What would you put on this list?

Thanks for reading, John

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