Top Ten Can’t Miss Blogs

Greetings Friends! I arrived in Monroe, LA last night. When we left last week we were hot-rodding ahead of a storm front that contained tornado watches and such. This week we are getting here just ahead of a winter storm front which promise snow to the Monroe area by 5:00 this afternoon. The temps will plunge to 29 degrees. I may get to experience a winter after all. As long as the power doesn’t go out I’m good to go. If it does, I do have a candle to huddle around. (I think that’s a funny picture … big poppa trying to huddle around a candle!)

Anyway I promised a top-ten-can’t-miss blog list and I plan to deliver! I want to say a few things about these blogs. First, there are many many blogs that I enjoy that I just can’t put into the top ten for one reason or another. This is MY list. I’d like to see YOUR list on your blog if you want to put it there! In my mind a top-ten-can’t-miss blog is one that has frequent updates, offers insights without being too preachy, is well written, has a host that interacts with the commenters, and shows creativity. I also want to highlight a few blogs you may not have read before. These are the top ten … in no particular order … there is no “#1” … they are all equally good in my opinion. Not all are religious in nature. And believe me this is not easy. For a blog lover such as myself, I require very little. Ah…and that’s another quality … very little. Posts like mine that go on and on take too much time to read. Here we go.

 A Place for the God-Hungry by Jim Martin. Well written topical posts that deal with practical matters of both ministry and Christian life. Jim doesn’t put mindless fluff on his blog like endless posts through LOST episodes and he never makes happy remarks about those booted off of American Idol. He does, however, offer up good guidelines for living, points us to posts that we might miss on blogs we might not read, and presents and excellent set of resources on his sidebars.

Alcohol Self Help News moderated by Robin Foote. From their website: Alcohol Self-Help News reports on current and past research that works for recovery from alcoholism, addiction, co-dependency, overeating, compulsive gambling and other addictive type illnesses. This ought to be in your reader. The posts are exceptionally helpful and give insights into the things we are dealing with on our own…and others around us are experiencing.

The Lighter Side by Darin Hamm. Darin is funny, thoughtful, creative, and daring. I believe I met Darin at Tulsa Workshop last year. Darin has insight into ways to reach out to the community that amaze me. Following Darin’s blog is a rich experience. It’s a true can’t-miss blog.

One In Jesus by Jay Guin. I find myself constantly forwarding Jay’s blogs to our elders, fellow ministers, and friends. Jay is an attorney, elder, minister, writer. He is not afraid of sending a clear message when writing about controversial issues. He offers extremely helpful insights in a very readable manner. I look forward to getting to know him better through his blog.

Patrick Mead. Day by day Patrick is informative, humorous, heart-touching, and pragmatic. If I were putting these in order, it would be hard not to put Patrick at #1. His associated blogs such as Tentpegs (where’s he has been answering questions directed to God) and The Novel Project where he is writing a novel are just as good. Really a day without Patrick’s posts is incomplete.

Morning Rush by Terry Rush. It was an inauspicious beginning. Terry, wanting to comment on a blog, registered and created a blog without knowing it. He had comments on his blog before he ever entered a post! I don’t know what kind of hit numbers he’s toting around these days, but I would guess hundreds of people check Terry’s blog each day for the inspirational thoughts he posts. When you need a lift for the day, you are going to find it at Morning Rush.

Necessary Therapy by Pistol Pete. Pete has one of the more unique blogs, addressing some pretty significant subjects with both humor and grace. I really do not know much about him personally, aside from his struggle with bi-polar disorder. I find his blog to be warm and funny. Interestingly, his post for today lists his top 13 favorite blogs … and he mentions yours truly. I’m honored!

Trey Morgan. I think everyone would enjoy reading Trey’s blog (and listening to his podcast), but especially preachers. Trey’s daily posts on interesting subjects are usually accompanied by a bullet list of ideas for consideration. Trey is well known for his posts on family, parenting, and marriage. I never miss reading Trey’s blog. 

Dusty Rush’s Blog by Dusty Rush. Dusty’s heartfelt posts are sure to bless your life. His posts on prayer in the past year are worth searching his archives for. Dusty does not post as often as I wish he would, but I know that this is because he is spending time with people … something he does that makes a difference to many.

The New Adventures of an Old Preacher by Danny Dodd. Though Danny sometimes neglects his blog from time to time, his posts always garner lots of comments – which tells me that he is getting at the heart of the matter for many people. A friend of mine for decades, I never miss a Danny Dodd post.

Church for Men by Louie Mercer, Frank Mercer, and Mike Ellis. I love this blog. It is outreach oriented. There are tons of great ideas here, and heart touching stories.

 I know, that’s 11 (13 if you count all of Mead’s blogs!), but it’s my top ten list. Why Didn’t I do a top 50?  I’m CERTAIN that I’ve left off some that I love. Like…

The Kitchen of Half Baked Thoughts by Tim Archer, Growing Closer by Amy Grant, For Sinners Only by Rex Boyles, Culture and Tradition, or Scripture? by Ray Hawk, Dancing in the Light by Neva Cooper, Blog in My Own Eye by Keith Brenton, Faith 2.0 by John Alan Turner, Changing Tides by Donna Gossett, New Genesis Communities by Ben Overby, A Disciple’s Journey by Gilbert Kerrigan, Homeless Man Speaks by Philip Stern, Kingdom People by Trevin Wax, A Stoned-Campbell Disciple by Bobby Valentine, Urban Daily by Larry James, Matt Dabbs, Letters from The Journey by Chris Lockhart,

Even still I’m leaving off some that I read every day. Hey, if you’re not using Google Reader (or some other reader), you’re missing out. Add these to your reader and catch them as you have opportunity. There’s a goldmine of inspiration, love, support, and encouragement in these blogs!

My time is up and I’ve given you what I think are the best of the best. Feel free to add more in the comments – even your own!

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