Top Posts of January 2012

These are the most visited posts on my blog this month. Amazingly, the honeybun cake post has disappeared from this list! I blame Pinterest! Anyway, thanks for reading.

10. Those Days. This was posted on a day when facing what we all do at times – the blahs.

9. Top Posts of 2011. I guess top post lists are popular!

8. Nelta Brock 1929-2011. This was a post to honor a friend who passed away.

7. Christ, Our Treasure. Not sure why this post from 2010 had a surge.

6. How to Tame Your Facebook Feed. With the new timeline being implemented, there is a lot of interest on how to set things up on Facebook.

5. REVIEW: Growing Up Church of Christ. Christian Chronicle posted a fairly unkind review of this book, then Jay Guin referenced this post, which led to an escalation of interest. (Thanks Jay!)

4. Prayer Words. This post has made other top post lists. It’s a great way to kick start your prayer life.

3. A Bible Verse I Do Not Like. Be sure to read all the great comments.

2. Free Kindle Books I’d Get Today. I suppose a lot of people got Kindles for Christmas. Be careful… not all of these books may be free today.

1. Purple Monday. This was a favorite post of mine from a few years ago that I reposted. It resonated with a lot of people.

Once again, thanks for stopping by!