Top Posts of 2011

I don’t always know how people come to find this blog, or what they’re looking for. I am amused at some of the most visited posts … but whatever the reason these are the top posts visited during this year. Not every entry was posted this year, but they continue to be visited.

1. Prayer Words

2. Honey Bun Cake

3. Review: Growing Up Church of Christ

4. OMG: Is That OK?

5. Grief: How Long Is This Going To Last?

6. Momentum: Why We Will Not Give Up

7. In Between Days

8. Job’s Ashes

9. The End of Our World?

10. How Am I Supposed to Grieve? 

And #11 was the ever popular…

I Yelled At A Homeless Guy In A Hole Because That’s How I Roll

I’m really honored that anyone reads my words … and I hope they make you smile or give you a lift … or in some way remind you of the ultimate truth. No matter what happens … out here, hope remains.


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