Top Posts in 2015…So Far!

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Below are the most visited posts on this blog this year! Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting. I appreciate you joining me on this journey. Thanks also to those who buy Kindle books or use my Amazon portal at the bottom of the site to search and order! JD

1. Seven – a reflection on the seven years since we said goodbye to our son.

2. I’m Old School About Church resonated with many of you.

3. Fifty Shades of Shame … maybe still relevant since the movie has hit the pay per view sites and a sequel is under way.

4. 12 Things I Know About Weight Loss – things I need to remind myself of frequently.

5. Link Party! Wherein I invited readers to submit links to their blogs!

~Most Popular Posts of All Time~

Hey Paula!

(With 22,100 hits, Hey Paula! may never be displaced!)

The Offense of Phil Robertson

I Yelled At A Homeless Guy In A Hole Because That’s How I Roll

Honey Bun Cake

Why I Pray for the Robertsons

Again, Thanks for reading my little corner of the interwebs!

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