Top Posts From May/June

Here are the top posts from this blog for the past two months! It is obvious to me that the Kindle posts are of interest to readers. I love to find a good book, and finding a free one is quite a bonus! I enjoy sharing them with you. I did feel compelled to re-check the prices and believe I have updated those listed below. Always check before buying, but I probably do not have to tell you that! Thanks so much for continuing to read the blog!

10. Christian Kindle Finds – Free Fiction Edition (Religious)

9. Christian Books for Kindle June 20, 2012

8. Honey Bun Cake. This one faded from the top ten a few months ago, but it’s back!

7. Christian Kindle Finds, All Free Edition! Two free books still remain free here!

6. In Between Days. A reflection from 2006, the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not sure why this one made the top ten, but there are a few items there that have lasting interest because they involve my friends.

5. Expectations. Some thoughts from Jud Wilhite’s book, Torn.

4. Christian Kindle Finds – ALL FREE! Of course, now that some time has passed they are not ALL free, but there are still some free finds here.

3. Momentum – Why We Will Not Give Up. Encouragement for the spiritually empty.

2. Prayer Words – some helpful phrases to assist in prayer.

1. 4 – a reflection on the four years since we said goodbye to our son.