Top 14 Posts From 2014 & a Giveaway!


Here are the top 14 posts from 2014. Grab a cup of coffee and check them out! Note that I changed blog hosts during the year and not all of the images I used transferred over. So you’ll see some empty boxes where stunning images once resided. Probably images of coffee! Oh…the GIVEAWAY… More details on that at the end of the post!

14. One Second After Worship.

13. Tulsa and the Trajectory of My Faith Journey.

12. Disconnected. Why this post is a ‘top’ one, I don’t know!

11. 40 Days of Prayer. This is the only one of the ’40 Days’ posts to crack the top 14!

10. A Critical Spirit Can Cripple A Spiritual Life.

9. Why Are You Moral? This was a guest post by Ken Stegall.

8. Spirit, Help My Weakness. This was a guest post by Cecil May, III.

7. The Most Important Questions of Bible Study.

6. Birthday Wishes. A post on what would have been John Robert’s 25th birthday.

5. Some Writings on Grief. This was actually a post from 2011, but I updated it some during the year and I continue to share it with those who have lost loved ones.

4. Six Years. A reflection on the time that has passed since John Robert died.

3. Christians Under Fire: Let Us Pray. This post garnered some mild criticism. Not that I was offended in the least.

2. One Dozen Ideas to Make Marriage Work. ‘Work’ is the operative word, but it’s so worth it!

1. Why I Pray for the Robertsons was the most popular post on my blog this year – by a longshot! I think we should continue to pray for them as they spread the light of the Gospel around the world!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my posts. I have about 75 folks who get this via email – thank you too. As a Thank You to those who would stop by this blog, I’m going to give away a copy of the NRSV DAILY BIBLE to one blessed person, chosen from among the comments on this post. You can have Paperback or Kindle, just let me know in your comment which you would prefer! [Congratulations to Patti May who won this! Contest is over!]  A link is below in case you’d like to go ahead and purchase your own! Thanks again for blessing me with your participation along the journey.  JD

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