Too Many Endings


What a week for endings.

LOST closed a six year run Sunday night. One thing I love about that is that they chose to end the show. Viewers were strong and loyal. But the story had run its course.


24 aired it’s last episode Monday night. I was a fan for a while. But it just didn’t vary it’s theme enough to keep me interested. Maybe Jack could have done some time travel, fought a polar bear, or run from a smoke monster or something. Anyhow, there’s no denying the popularity of this show. Maggy never misses 24.


American Idol has now aired the last night of competition, featuring the top two performers. Crystal Bowersox has been my choice to win for a long time now, but Lee DeWyze has risen to the challenge. Tonight’s performances really showcased Crystal as a pro, Lee as a hopeful. I will be happy for which ever one wins. They will both have contracts for sure. Although I love American Idol, winning is not a sure ticket to stardom. Some of the losers have had big hits, some of the winners have faded into oblivion.  Tomorrow night will be the last of the season.

And this is the last season with Simon Cowell.  I didn’t want the judges to change. I didn’t like it when Kara was brought on board. Ellen looks totally lost. I really didn’t like it when Paula departed. And now Simon is leaving.  Yes, the show is about the competition. However, the personalities that stay constant are what holds the show together from season to season. Many people do not like Simon, but I have to say that generally agree with most everything he says. In my mind the loss of Abdul and Cowell is the kiss of death for American Idol. Even though they do have the best host on television – Ryan Seacrest.

Well now what? I can’t seem to really get into much of anything on television these days.  I like a few other shows, but very few. Criminal Minds is almost always interesting, but after watching for a while the formula begins to emerge. I liked House when it first came on, but again, it’s the same formula in each episode. I thought 24 was that way. I know whenever I watch Everybody Loves Raymond that there is at least one guaranteed belly laugh per episode. Oh, that show is over too.

Perhaps it should tell me something about myself that all of my favorite shows have been cancelled or come to an end. Too many endings in one week. bah.

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