Agreeing Together in Prayer


Agreeing Together in Prayer

Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. ~ Matthew 18:19

On ten Wednesday nights from September to November, Forsythe church of Christ will hear some great messages encouraging spiritual revival. This revival is sought on both a personal level and for our church.

Every member is encouraged to spend daily time in prayer. The following posts labeled ‘Revival Prayer‘ are meant to help facilitate these prayers. Even those not members at Forsythe are invited to join with us in these prayers. Make them your own!

These will be Scriptures and ideas for praying to God for revival. They are tools to use to help us in our prayers – certainly not the only prayers we can pray. Expand upon them in your prayer time, in your prayer journals, or in whatever way you spend time with God. Have your Bible open! These are suggestions, not magical formulas.

When we talk about Seeking God For Revival, we are asking God to move within our hearts and lives to show us deeper levels of discipleship and commitment. We are seeking God’s help in overcoming the idols in our hearts, building us up in weak places, and giving us renewed zeal for His work.

During this time of prayer we will not only seek God’s help for ourselves, but will be interceding for others as well. As you pray be alert to thoughts that come to mind which might include ways to pray for our church, or people that especially need prayer at this time. Ask God for a fresh work of His grace and His power in your life.

At the end of these prayers you may choose to start again and see how your prayers have grown since you first started. You might want to start on the first of each month and pray through these prayers. We are not interested in revival only for this season, but throughout our lives.  Share your prayer experiences with one another and encourage one another toward more prayer.          

Keep on praying,

John Dobbs

Note: I appreciate the prayer guide located HERE that helped form the posts that are to come.