To Tulsa


At Tulsa Workshop A Year Ago

Maggy and I started our journey a bit early by leaving yesterday afternoon. I suppose it would have been too much for us to wait until today to avoid driving in the horrible weather system that stretched across Arkansas. And I suppose that it was too much for me to pay attention and not miss a turn somewhere, taking me many miles out of my way. However, we still had a fun and safe trip!

We spent the night in Russellville … a town in which I lived as a young child for a brief time. We decided to eat at Ruby Tuesdays, a favorite place of ours. However, this is a dry county (RT’s sells alcoholic beverages), so they have to operate here as a private club. In order to untangle the legalities they have to sign you up as a “member” of their club before you can be served. A friend of mine observed that this was a great example of legalism. Alcohol is being sold in the “dry” county, if you sign a card. The food was great. We drank water … straight up, on the rocks, stirred, not shaken.

We are taking our time this morning about getting to Tulsa. We look forward to the great time of worship tonight at Memorial Drive Church of Christ. Rick Atchley will be preaching, which will be superb.

My class on the outreach potential of blogging is Thursday morning. Then I’ll participate in a panel on worship during difficult times on Saturday morning. I hope to spend a lot of time at the bloggers booth as well.

I’ll be Twittering along the way, though. You can follow me HERE. Or my last five Twitter updates are in the column to your right. If you don’t use Twitter, this is a great time to start! Also, for those attending the workshop who use Twitter, I encourage you to use the hashtag #isww … to accumulate our tweets in one place. The link to follow all of those is HERE.

Using Twitter and blogs and such will be a fun addition to the Workshop experience. If you don’t know about the Tulsa Workshop, check it out HERE.

Looking forward to seeing / meeting you there!


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