Time Change & Other Stuff

Saturday night before going to sleep, turn your clocks forward one hour!

Several  years ago while sitting at home one Sunday morning enjoying some coffee my phone rang. It was my friend Anna. She said, “Hello John, how are you?” I said to her, “I’m doing great.” Anna calmly asked, “Are you going to teach our class this morning?” I replied that I was looking forward to it. She then crushed me by saying, “Well, we’re waiting on you!” Thankfully I lived just around the corner! My friend Ron wrote a poem about that…


It’s good to have everyone present

We appreciate your Christian walk

We also thank you for being on time

And the setting of your clock.


Though it is so easy to set it

You rally don’t need a teacher

It loos like everyone did it

That is, except the PREACHER.

Signed: A concerned deacon!

I wrote a bulletin article about time that can be found on the Quick Thoughts blog.

I was glad I did yesterday’s post about the top ten bloggers … even though I listed about 25. Even then I left off three well-read blogs that should have been on one of my lists or the other: Kinney Mabry’s Preacherman blog, Finding Direction: The Windvane Chronicles by Dee Andrews, and Matthew Morine’s blog. In the comments yesterday some lamented that their blog was not mentioned (with a smile on their face, I’m sure). Most of those have very infrequent posts…and that was one of the criteria I used. However, each of them are blogs I enjoy. They are in my reader and I catch every one! My mind was getting twisted looking at blog after blog.

What makes a bad blog? Nothing makes a bad blog. If it suits the purpose and needs of the writer, then it’s a good blog to him. And, after all, there is a sense in which we do this more for ourselves than anyone.

Now as for the cars, well… I think they’re building up a bigger mystique than they deserve, but I will be happy to explain. Soon.

Thanks for reading!

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