Greetings, Friends. Yesterday was packed with appointments, meetings with people, and opportunities to pray and love on hurting people. I wish I had more answers for the dilemmas that people face. I can only point them to Christ, who will walk through the valley with them.

Darin Hamm mentioned Pandora yesterday. I had heard about it on the Rocketboom podcast, but forgotten it. Now I’m listening to some awesome Christmas music while I work. Pandora is free internet radio that is personalized and easy to use. Thanks Darin!

Houston Nutt is the new head coach for the University of Mississippi football program. While others analyze his wins and losses, his abilities and failure, I am pondering his name. Growing up a Nutt was probably not easy. It is even harder on his friends – after all – how can they even begin to come up with a pun he hasn’t heard before? I wonder if he is kin to the deceased Reverend Grady Nutt? Of course having an unusual last name is either a curse or a crown, depending on how you look at it. I think people just like saying his name.

Happy Presidential Birthday to Jaques Chirac (75), former president of France. Happy Jazzy birthday to Chuck Mangione (67). What was the name of that hit instrumental song he had?  A sexy Happy Birthday to Diane Ladd (63), and an unsexy birthday to comedian Garry Shandling (58). Looking for a good deal on his birthday is Howie Mandel (52). It’s Kim Delaney’s birthday (46). She’s best known for her role on NYPD Blue, but back in the day she was a helpless teen drama queen on All My Children – before she died in that plane crash. Happy literary birthday to Louisa May Alcott (1832). It’s the birthday of Madeleine L’Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time among many other works. We’re blowing out theological candles for C. S. Lewis, born on this date in 1898.  It’s a party day for those ‘rasslers, too. Announcer ‘Mean’ Gene Oakerland, born this day in 1938.  ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantel celebrates his birthday today (1949). Better known is Jerry “The King” Lawler, born in Memphis in 1949.

Mother Teresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to sepak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Let’s create some echoes of kindness today.

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The Devil Dropped By to Visit with Neva.

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World AIDS Day – December 1st.

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