Thursday Thoughts

I hope your Thursday is going great!  As we head into the weekend there are several things on my mind. Tomorrow our daughter will go to the doctor. We may have a new grandson this weekend! His name will be Joshua Blake Holland. Each new child is a new adventure for a family! Needless to say, we are excited and looking forward to this joyful event! Also Saturday night is the WinterJam concert in Mobile. I’ve been a big fan of Jeremy Camp  (especially his acoustic CD/DVD package) and look forward to his performance the most. Also on the program are Stephen Curtis Chapman, Newsong, and others. We have about fifteen going over together…both young and young at heart!

On a sad note, we helped rebuild Jerry’s house several months ago. When I stopped by to take a picture he informed me that I knew his son. Doug attended Central as a teenager for a while. When he mentioned Doug’s name, I immediately saw the family resemblance. Jerry was found dead in his home a few days ago. Doug is in the armed services and has been on a sad journey home. I expect to meet with him sometime in the next day or so. It will be a hard weekend for a son who helped take care of his dad after a severe auto accident some years ago. Jerry is in the picture above in a grey t-shirt and cap. Also in this picture is Robbie, and some ladies who worked hard mudding and finishing sheetrock. I want to say they were from Kansas or Missouri. Anyone know? (UPDATE: Robbie has informed me that these ladies were from Rolla, Missouri).

V. P. Black

While eating lunch with Jim Ingram yesterday he mentioned that V. P. Black had passed away a few days ago. I was surprised I had not heard that news. Brother Black’s health had declined significantly over the past few years. I suppose he will be remembered for his many messages devoted to giving. I have several of his books designed to increase good stewardship such as “Rust As A Witness” and “My God and My Money“. His fund raising efforts included bolstering the Bible department at Faulkner University in Montgomery. In recognition of that, students now attend the V. P. Black School of Biblical Studies in a building named after him. V. P. Black and Elaine Kilbern’s father were close friends. Brother Black was always exceptionally kind to me, even though we did not know each other well. When I attended preachers meetings in Saraland he always greeted me by name and inquired about the church in Pascagoula. He treated all of the younger preachers with respect and encouraged them as he had opportunity. The last time I heard brother Black preach was via DVD from the Freed-Hardeman Lectures a few years ago when he spoke so eloquently about his expected home in heaven. As I watched this elderly veteran gospel preacher speaking of our eternal reward and heard him affirm that he knew it would not be long before He walked with God in a new place, I was moved to tears. He was a man of conviction, a statesman, and a gentleman. I think he was a part of a generation of preachers who were true orators. His messages were poetic and epic in nature. If I live to be as old as brother Black did, I hope I can attain a measure of his grace and stature. He was to be admired.


V. P. Black Sermons

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This look like a great movie.

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