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We’ve had a cool few days here on the Coast, but temps are to be in the mid-70s over the next few days. I realize that this sparks jealousy among my friends to the North, however, I enjoy winter time. I like it when we have to wear jackets and sweaters. I don’t know why. Perhaps because I’ve never had to endure a REAL winter in my life.

I have last night’s Bible class notes on the Spiritual Discipline of Confession posted HERE.

According to today’s The Mississippi Press, The city of Pascagoula now has only 850 FEMA campers in place (down from 7,000). 621 of these remain on private property, which means that these are homeowners/families who cannot move back into their homes yet. 231 of these are in one of the four remaining  FEMA camper parks. Pascagoula officials have ordered the closign the FEMA parks, which is a joke because these people have no where to live. There are 106 available rental units in the city currently, but only 58 of them are within fair market value. The rest of them are trying to get rich off of the unfortunate. It is my opinion, and has been for a long time now, that city officials want to turn Pascagoula into a resort destination town and have made some of the recovery process unnessecarily difficult for the poor. If city officials want to close the FEMA parks, why haven’t they worked harder to provide low income housing? I feel sure that HUD and other available resources would join them in this noble effort. However, I’m not a city official and maybe there’s a lot I don’t know. But we are going to face a HUGE homeless / indigent population problem if we do not get to crackin’ on this issue. Instead our county supervisors have to have police in their meetings to make sure they don’t break out into fistfights. Embarassing.

For twenty five years the unknown “Baby Jane” remains a mystery in Pascagoula. Also reported in today’s The Mississippi Press, on December 5, 1982 an infant girl was found dead in the Escatawpa River. Her identity and the circumstances surrounding her death remain unknown. She was 18 months – 2 years old, had red hair, and weighted about 25 lbs. Thanks to Lynn Reuss and Marjorie Brinker, she is not forgotten.

Happy Merry Old England Birthday to Henry VI (1421). At the end of his life he suffered from mental illness. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London where he was murdered in 1471. Maybe England wasn’t so merry after all. Happy Automotive Birthday to Fred Duesenberg (1876), pioneering automobile designer and manufacturer.  It’s the birthday of Ira Gershwin (1896), who along with his brother George composed some of the most memorable songs of the 20th century. Songs such as “I Got Rhythm” and “Someone to Watch Over Me” contine to find their way into contemporary arrangmenets. It’s the birthday of two famous criminals, Lester Joseph “Baby Face” Nelson (1908) and mass murderer Richard Speck. On a happier note Wallace Maynard “Wally” Cox (1924) was an actor who made many hilarious appearances on programs such as The Beverly Hillbillies and Hollywood Squares. He was in the pilot episode of Mission: Impossible. And it was his voice we heard when Underdog was moving his lips. JoBeth Williams (1948) has a birthday today. I still love her in Poltergeist. Happy Birthday to Craig Alexander Newmark (1952), who founded the website Craigslist. Happy birthday to Elian Gonzalez, who was forcefully removed from his home by eight SWAT-equpped agents of the Border Patrol on order of Janet Reno. The picture of a terrified Elian being held with a automatic rifle near him stirred much criticism for Reno. And our final birthday wishes to out to comic and actor Steven Wright. Steven’s witty and ironic one-liners catch us by surprise and make us laugh. “Curiosity killed the cat – but for a while I was a suspect.” “I finally got round to reading the dictionary – turns out the Zebra did it.” “I put instant coffee in the microwave and nearly went back in time.” “I went into this restaurant that serves you breakfast any time – so I ordered french toast during the Renaissance.” “I bought a house on a one-way dead end road. I don’t know how I got there, but I can’t leave.” More HERE.

 One of the Deusenberg models.

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