Thursday on the Coast


Why not take 5 minutes and watch this impressive documentary. Remember.

I guess I touched a nerve in the last post … it brought my ‘best day ever’ according to blog stats: 300 hits. Of course that doesn’t compare to the true blogmasters, but it kinda surprised me. Anyway, I’m glad that it was of interest. Now I feel that I must offer something profound to follow up. I have a subject in the cooker right now, but it’s not quite ready.

Johnny Ford’s wife, Cheryl, had surgery yesterday and did very well. We are hoping that it will remove some of the pain she has been living with. My mother had cataract surgery yesterday and it was not a very comfortable experience, but the surgery itself went well and she will now have a week or so of discomfort as it heals. However, for the discomfort and pain, she has been told by her doctor that she may not even need to wear glasses any more. That’s great news!

Today is an exciting day in that our new chairs are arriving for the auditorium. They should be unloaded this morning sometime. No doubt this will add to the beauty of our meeting place. I’m very glad we did not decide to use pews. Chairs are more comfortable and add the dimension of flexibility to our room.

I received mail yesterday indicating that my alma mater will have their annual benefit dinner on April 21. Magnolia Bible College will have the traditional dinner and silent auction at the Attala County Coliseum. The featured speaker is Willard Scott. But anyway, it’ll be a good night to see lots of people if you choose to attend. I do not usually attend since they moved the dinner to Saturday night. That makes it hard on the preachers who have to drive a distance, but it probably makes it easier on other folks. 


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