Thursday on the Coast

Greetings Friends! Isn’t the above picture a hoot? You can go HERE to make your own museum masterpiece! Post it on your blog and leave a comment letting me know!

The Jackson County Fair outreach is going well. The cool snap that we are enjoying is perfect Fair weather, but the rain keeps people away. In spite of that, we are meeting all kinds of people. Our “Jesus Likes You” campaign is creating some ‘buzz’. Many people have stopped by to ask about that … since Jesus is supposed to LOVE you, why just “like”? I tell them the truth… we put that on our shirts because we wanted to open up a conversation about it! We are having a drawing this coming Sunday for a very nice Thomas Kinkade Family Bible. I think it’s beautiful! I may get one for myself sometime!

I’ve met some interesting people at the fair booth. I met an engaging young man who came from California to do mission work in the Gulf Coast area. I met a lady who spent her life doing hard manual work … building ships, electrical work, and other heavy duty stuff … and who now sells real estate and loves every minute of it. I met a lady who lives in a haunted house. She has spine-tingling stories. She’s serious. I met some people who are looking for a church. “What is the church of Christ?” I get that question a lot. It’s not an easy question to answer because you really do not know the exact information they’re looking for … and because churches of Christ can be different in individual congregations. So I usually tell them we are a group of people who love God, who worship simply, who warmly welcome visitors, and who love Jesus and the Bible. I also tell them that if they come to our church and really believe they will be blessed with a new house, a new car, and be filthy rich – so they can do lots of mission work of course. OK, I’m kidding about that last sentence. I don’t want to tread on Joel’s territory! (Did I say that out loud?)

Last night we celebrated together as a Family the rebirth of a dear friend and now sister, Rouxanne. Through our study of the Spiritual Disciplines, Rouxanne discovered a new spiritual life and access to the presence of God that she has enjoyed so much. Her sister, RoAnna, has been a member of our church for many years. It was a special night and our hearts were full of joy at her decision. Other new disciples were present who may make that decision soon as well. We praise God for all of His marvelous works!

Yesterday our members filled up the fair booth schedule so I didn’t have to go out to the fair for the day. I’m so proud of the way our members have filled out the schedule. I did not have to cajole them, I just put the list out and told them it was there. For some of them, it is not their nature to stand at a booth and talk to strangers … so I applaud their willingness to do so. In some years gone by there have been episodes that were not very comfortable.

Anyway, yesterday was a day to visit with friends. Byron Smith came by for a few hours. We had lunch with the Kilberns. (Thanks for lunch, David!) We visited a few hours in the afternoon. Byron is doing a great job managing the camp. He has organized a benefit dinner this Saturday night that I’m looking forward to. Also, Byron has set up a way for the camp to make some extra money if you will make your travel plans through our camp site. Go to the website for GULF COAST BIBLE CAMP and hit the “TRAVEL” tab. The camp will earn a commission and you’ll get a great rate.

As Byron was about to leave there was a knock at the door. It was Robert and Lynda Lingle and their daughter Misha. They were traveling through and stopped by to say hello. They really liked the changes to the building. We were able to catch up for about an hour. Maggy brought Blake up to the building so we could show off our newest grandchild! Robert was one of the elders that hired me almost 16 years ago. As long as he was here at Central, my family’s support structure was a high priority for him. The personal advice and leadership that Robert offered is missed greatly by many. I’m glad they are doing well in Franklin, TN.

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