Thursday on the Coast


The Revolultion Begins Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.

So…who’s going to buy an iPhone? The part of me that loves technological gadgetry especially as it relates to phones, online service, and music … this is very WOW WOO HOO! The part of me that looks at the price tag isn’t so excited. The part of me that wants to own and use such a device is intrigued. The part of me that has to look at Maggy and say “can I?” is not very hopeful. So … they may begin the revolution without me.

It’s been a fairly quiet week around Central without any relief volunteers from out of town here working. This will change Saturday night as a crew of volunteers arrives. It will be July 7th, though, that our biggest week in quite a while will take off. On Sunday, July 8th, we expect over 100 volunteers guests in worship time. I have even considered if we might need to do two services that day … but I haven’t talked to the elders about that possibility. It will be fun to pack ’em in, though … lots of energy and joy come along with these volunteers.

Tuesday I had breakfast with Gene Barrett, an elder at Port City Church of Christ in Mobile, and Garry Hill who is working with Lutheran Disaster Response on a project called “Camp Noah“. This excellent program is for kids who are in disaster zones. I hope we can work out a ‘Camp Noah’ at Central, but there are several details that have to be examined before we can say ‘yes’. It was good to see Gene. He and his wife Robin came over several times after the storm and helped with the relief effort. They are big encouragers. I was glad to meet Garry, also, who has an interesting story and is an enthusiastic servant of Christ.

Yesterday afternoon we had a suprise call and visit. Robert and Betty Lingle and their two children stopped by to see us. They had been in New Orleans visiting Betty’s parents. Robert’s dad (also Robert) was instrumental in bringing the Dobbs family to the Coast. Although he had already moved away from home, I grew to love and appreciate Robert during his visits to Pascagoula. I enjoyed seeing them yesterday.

Last night at Central we watched and discussed Rob Bell’s video RYTHM. All of his videos are good and have interesting subjects. This one wasn’t my favorite of his, but we had good discussion and participation. What’s your favorite Rob Bell video? I think I like RAIN the best … or BULLHORN GUY … or LUMP … it’s hard to pick! He has a new one coming out soon.

Today I am to have lunch with two old friends that I have known more than half of my life. I’m very thankful to be located near both of them so we can visit occasionally. Les Ferguson and I will meet Danny Dodd in Mobile for lunch today. We have all known each other since our days at Magnolia Bible College. I was 17 when I first walked onto that campus as a student. I’m sure it will be a lively lunch, as those two are very rowdy and loud. Being the quiet, humble one of the bunch, I will enjoy hearing their banter.

Don’t forget John Piper’s book sale … $5 buys any book he has published. Today is the last day.

I hope your days are going well. Thanks for stopping by!



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