Thursday Night

Peaceful Moment at the Barnard’s place.

Greetings Friends. I was trying to think of what to tell you about our lives this week…and what we have accomplished. I feel like I could tell you more about what we haven’t done than what we’ve done.

Monday night we went to see The Dark Knight and it was as fantastic as everyone says it is! HERE is a great video for you Ironman fans who might be a little jealous that Batman has now stolen your thunder!

Tuesday night we continued our movie mania by watching Mamma Mia. I would guess that most of you men out there would know by instinct that this was not your movie. But I do love the music of ABBA … and it sounds neat that someone took several of their songs and wove together a story. But really … if Pierce Brosnan is going to sing, why would anyone film it! Ah well, Maggy loved it and I’m glad she did. That made one of us. Maybe it’s better on Broadway. The evening was not a loss, however. Jason and Christina invited us over to their house for hamburgers and hotdogs. Most importantly, we enjoyed being around the Barnard family.

Wednesday night I enjoyed seeing my church family and spending some time thinking about Jesus with them. Ken led one of my favorite songs, Step By Step. It was a song that John Robert led hundreds of times I’m sure. I closed my eyes and I could almost hear John Robert’s voice singing … I could see him in my memory … and the tears started to fall. I kept trying to refocus so I would be able to speak … but the tears wouldn’t stop. And there was a part of me that didn’t want to refocus. It was a moment when I felt close to John Robert. But I do thank God I was able to pull it together. Maybe what I said even made some sense. My heart and mind were elsewhere.

Maggy has been miss popularity lately … spending time with ladies classes, helping feed at the homeless shelter, going to ladies gatherings, invitations to lunch … how did I manage to marry such a popular girl? I’m thankful to everyone who is extending love and friendship to my beautiful and sweet wife.

Of course there’s a subtext of pain and sorrow beneath everything we do. This is our journey … but it is seasoned with the sweetness of friends and the love of God. Mysterious though it may be…

Thanks for reading.


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