Thursday Night on the Coast


I shot this video of Gary Boswell and Rochelle Harper today at the blood drive (noisy background!)

Greetings, friends! Thanks for checking my blog for updates!

Today started with a trip to Biloxi. Not long after Hurricane Katrina hit, and we were getting our building cleaned out and cleaned up, some pews arrived. I think the pews came from several different places, although no one seems to know where they all came from. I learned later that some came from the Rodenberg Church of Christ in Biloxi, and I do believe some others came from the church at Gulf Shores. We tossed in some mixed chairs and that is what we have been sitting on during our worship assemblies for 14 months now. When we flattened our floor and painted our walls, we had to remove the pews. It seemed a good time to return the pews to Biloxi. So this morning I rode over to Biloxi with four other men to deliver some pews. It was great to see my friend Joe Powers and get to greet him. He is one of the hurricane relief heroes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is an eternal optimist and although he has done so much to help others, most people will never know his name. He is unconcerned about that, though, as long as the Lord knows his name! I was also able to meet the new preacher at Rodenberg, Lyle Willis. And as an added bonus, I was able to greet my friend and former minister at that same church, Roger Mills.

No sooner than I got back to the office, I headed out for Ocean Springs for a preacher’s luncheon at McAllister’s. There I met with Les Ferguson, Al Sturgeon, Roger Mills, Lyle Willis, and Cornell Johnson. Al Sturgeon has posted our picture and wrote a bit about our lunch together. You can find that post HERE. The picture here is of Roger and Lyle. Roger was minister at Rodenberg Church of Christ on two separate occasions. He is most beloved by the Christians on the Gulf Coast and he has retired to Florence, Alabama. We miss he and Thelma so much! Lyle has moved here and started his work at Rodenberg just a month ago. We look forward to getting to know him more as days go by. Roger reports that the people of Rodenberg love Lyle already and think so highly of him. I’m glad it’s that way.

I returned home just in time to head up to the Jimmy Gammill Blood Drive at Dantzler United Methodist Church in Moss Point. Jimmy is the grandson of one of our elders and his wife. Jimmy had leukemia, and has come out on the other side healthy and happy, at five years old. I don’t relish being stuck for blood, but it is always a lot of fun. The Boswells go all-out, especially Loree. She usually has a good crowd lined up to give blood. She also cooks big pots of chili and provides live entertainment, in the form of her husband Gary and local celebrity Rochelle Harper. I shot a few videos of their songs as they played…but one is too big a file for youtube … I also tried ifilm … but don’t know if it’s going to work yet.

This evening I went up to the dining hall where David Kilbern was frying up a ton of fish fillets and okra and there were lots of extras. I said ‘thank you’ and ‘nice to meet you’ to several folks I’ve enjoyed meeting this week. I am especially thankful for the friendship I’ve started with Lee Robison. He is a man with a godly heart. Tomorrow morning a group will leave early for home, Sturgis, KY. Awesome people with a wonderful group of kids. I enjoyed being around all of them during the week. They are a smiling, happy, service-oriented, Jesus-like people. After breakfast, Lee and his group will head back to Sarasota, Florida to be back in place at their church on Sunday (website HERE). The group from Eva, Alabama is here. The group from Colorado will go home Saturday. A dozen or so from Berry’s Chapel Church of Christ will  arrive tomorrow evening sometime, driving in from Franklin, TN. I believe Jeff Campbell talked to this group originally, before he left town.

Tonight we went to Wal-Mart where I picked up a movie that I missed while it was in the theaters. In fact, I do not think it ever played on the Gulf Coast. A Prairie Home Companion looks like it should be lots of fun to watch. I’m a fan of the radio show, so I’ll let you know what I think of it. Have any of you seen it? Speaking of movies, my copy of Second Chance arrived today. I mentioned it a few days ago. Along with the questions that movie raises, we should consider Gary Kirkendall’s thoughts on Why The Poor?

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