Thursday Night in North Louisiana

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Today began with a trip for Maggy and I to Vicksburg to see my mom and dad. As I noted in a previous post, mom and dad evacuated to Vicksburg under a mandatory evacuation from the New Orleans area. After boarding up their windows, driving a very stressful 9 hour drive in the middle of the night, my dad was admitted to the ER with pneumonia. He was doing better today but still very weak. Please keep them both in your prayers. Thankfully my mother’s sisters and cousins and their families are there and can be a part of the support system to help them.

Food distribution continued today at Forsythe church of Christ, and will go through tomorrow. Several of our members are involved in helping with that outreach.

Here’s an interesting video on prayer that has a lesson for us. Thanks Trey Morgan for pointing it out.


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