Thursday Morning on the Coast

The temperature rose yesterday to a comfortable level, but we are under a freeze warning again tonight. Truthfully, it seems to me that we have had cooler weather earlier this year than usual. Maybe that’s just an impression.

I was sorry to read that James Kim was found dead yesterday. I was hoping that somehow he had managed to stay alive. I tried to consider what I would have done if I was with my wife and children returning home from a vacation, broken down on a snowy road in the middle of nowhere, out of gas, having burned my tires for warmth. Desperation drives us to action. James set out to try to find help, intending to return. He never did. Fortunately, his family was rescued. They will be plagued with “what if” for the rest of their lives, I would think. What if James had just stayed in the car. What if they had never taken that wrong turn. What if it had not been snowing so hard that day. What if we had decided to take our vacation later in the year. We never know what events we set in motion when we make even simple decisions. We can let that paralyze us, or we can launch out in faith. I pray that the Kim family will receive some comfort, and that God will send some Christians to their side to encourage them in the way of the Lord.

Dusty Rush makes an important point today in his post, God Repair My Heart. Focusing on the needs of others is key to our discipleship. That doesn’t mean that we ignore biblical truth. Caring for others is fueled by biblical truth. It’s kind of hard to think you are contending for the faith when you are treating another human being like a dog. It is hard to think that our main focus is on our brothers and sisters in Adam when we find such nitpicky ways to tear them apart when we disagree with their theology. Respect demands that we have conversations with those we wnat to engage. It is sin to just destroy them without even an attempt to understand them. And while we’re focused on setting everyone straight on the nuances of religious practice, why do we not see the hungry person in the street … the family left-behind after a suicide takes place … the forgotten children who suffer while parents bludgeon each other in a divorce … and on we could go. People matter more than religious correctness. Someone more authoriatative then I said ‘Mercy triumphs over judgment’. I think we have to be concerned both with truth and care for others. But “truth” that leads us to clack swords at each other while ignoring the helpless around us is only evidence of our disobedience. Thanks, Dusty. This deserves much more attention.

All Christian workers should read Jim Martin’s post today entitled, “This Isn’t Fun Anymore.” If you haven’t read The Ragamuffin Gospel, tell me what you’re waiting for? Start it today.¬†


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