Thursday at Tulsa Workshop

Maggy and I had a great time at Tulsa Workshop today! I’m sure all of the classes are great, but we can only go to so many. Some we intended to attend we didn’t get to. Here’s our crew (minus me – the picture taker!)

Here’s a review of our day!

We started off our day by hearing a classic message from Marvin Phillips on restoring our Passion!

Next we caught the shuttle to hear Patrick Mead. In case you didn’t know, they are restructuring the fairgrounds … and so there are these wonderful shuttles carting us from place to place. Love it! Patrick, by the way, did an awesome job in his message. He and his son in law Josh Graves spoke tonight at the evening gathering. Outstanding in every way. Looking forward to hearing more from Patrick tomorrow. By the way, Patrick said he would not be blogging during this trip!

Both Marvin and Patrick mentioned my name in their messages. I guess it’s because I was on the front row. The third class we went to was Terry Rush talking about the future of the workshop. Since we were late we sat toward the back, directly behind Dusty and Crystal Rush and their kiddos. Terry, not perceiving the trend of the day, did not mention my name in his message. After lunch we heard Edward Fudge in the first of a trilogy of lessons. Edward has a three-times-a-week e-mail newsletter called GracEmail. Here’s a picture of Edward while he was teaching:

I also bumped in to Trey Morgan and his boys (minus one who is off playing baseball). It was good to see these four happy young men taking in all the good stuff at workshop. I hope I can get a little time with Trey to visit tomorrow.

We were visiting with Craig Hicks (no picture? what was I thinking? I’ll get him tomorrow). That’s when Mike Alred came by to visit. Mike was a big part of Central’s recovery and it was great to see him again and catch up. Then Darin Hamm walked up with a jar of Blog King Secret Sauce! ha! I had such a great laugh at that and we enjoyed a long visit.

During the evening assembly we sat by old friends Paul and Glenda Franks. Not that they’re “old”, although Paul did just recently turn 50. I also met two members from his church in Lake Charles, Bud and Linda.

Finally, I’m overjoyed that Mike and Mignon Riley are here enjoying this experience as well. Mike has served as one of Forsythe Church of Christ’s elders for many years. They have become good friends in a short time.

It was a wonderful day … and we’re looking forward to a great one tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


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