Three Costly Gifts

Today I received three costly gifts.

The first I want to mention is a ticket from Monroe Police Department for not wearing my seat belt. What a joy it was to be stopped along one of Monroe’s busiest streets with the flashing lights behind me. I wonder how many of our church members drove by? Ah well. Getting lax on simple things that can make a big difference is a recipe for regret. The officer was kind, and fair, and right. I expect he has witnessed the results of accidents where seat belts were not in use. I am appreciative of the reminder. Some gifts are costly!

The second is a carved olive wood statue of Jesus carrying the cross. It originates in Jerusalem. I think most of us are on the same page about worshiping icons … I wouldn’t know how. But a physical representation can gravitate our attention and focus our thoughts. I’ll also be reminded of the dear friend who placed this in my hands today.  I’m appreciative of another costly gift – a price I couldn’t pay.

The third is a copy of Eric Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. I talked about Bonhoeffer in a lesson and one of our deacons, a history buff, bought this book. Today he gifted it to me. I’m looking forward to diving in! The book cost a little, but Bonhoeffer’s writings are quite a gift to Christendom. Still, the price he paid for his commitment to Christ was the ultimate in costliness: his life.

I’m thankful for the gifts I received today … these three that I am acknowledging, as well as many more blessings that filled the hours. I am made aware that I am often ungrateful for all that God has done on my behalf. While I usually thank Him in generic, I’m moved to thank Him in specific today. What has been gifted to you lately that was costly to someone else?

Thanks for reading,


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