Thoughts from the RightNow Conference (2)

Continuing with some notes from the RightNow Conference…


J R Vassar said that when it comes to mission, there is more rhetoric than reality. He pointed out that to equip people for mission means we equip them for the mission within their vocational domains, where they spend most of their time. His message centered around six ideas about mission. (1) Work is good. (2) Sabbath is necessity. (3) Reliance on the Holy Spirit to work with excellence. (4) Demonstrate the Kingdom in the workplace. (5) Equip people to see themselves as priests in their workplace. (6) Help people be a bridge into spirit-filled communities.

Eric Mason brought his message from 2 Peter 1. He made some outstanding statements about the gospel. One thing he emphasized is that We are transformed by the gospel. If the gospel has not transformed you, there can be no transformation through you. The believer has everything he needs … God does not give¬†anything¬†new after salvation … He begins to unpack His gifts via sanctification. When we are saved we wear God’s imprint and spread his glory through the earth.

Matt Carter expressed similar thoughts when he said that the Gospel will never be powerful through you until it is powerful in you. He listed several ways the Enemy attacks us to drive us away from our calling, including sickness, temptation, criticism, failure, betrayal, discouragement. We must meet these with the assurance that we would trade everything for the sake of Christ.

I don’t know if these thoughts can express how great the entire conference was. I heard many great things I didn’t quite get written down! I was very blessed by this conference and would encourage you to consider attending the next RightNow Conference, which their website says will be November 7-9 of next year!