Those Days

I could you all the details but they are so mundane as to be boring. Today is one of those kinds of days that I feel like doing two things. Eating. Moping.

Eating because that’s one of my life responses to stress and / or the ‘blues’. It’s a failing behavior that reinforces everything I want to escape in my life. It is a reminding behavior that leaves me later filled with regret and calling to mind that I have fallen this way many many times before. It’s a destructive behavior because when I climb back on Mt. Scales I’ll see that the result is quite opposite of what I want it to be. Not a good plan.

Moping because everything I really want to try to do just has no appeal to me. So much of what I do depends on being a self-starter, have my heart in creating and writing and planning… loving and serving … and it’s just impossible to do all of that half heartedly. I was looking for an image to go with this post and googled “moping” and saw an enormous number of pictures about “mopping”. That made me smile…for a minute.

Why write a blog post about it? I guess just because it’s the one thing I felt like doing. I know some of you will be tempted to post something perky and positive (especially now that I’ve opened that door!). I also wanted to say that Christians do not always have to be up to be righteous, cheery to be sanctified, and smiley to be Saints. And it probably doesn’t pay off to pretend that we do.

I hope your day is good. As that great philosopher Scarlett O’Hara said, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” That sounds like a plan.


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