Thirsty Thursday

Wednesday was another good day as we continue outreach to Pascagoula. Kevin and Greg have done a great job of both contacting numerous people, and contacting people that they helped on previous trips. Yesterday morning they spent helping a sweet elderly lady down the street from the church. What started out as a simple errand turned into an all-morning-long deal at Lowes. Although this wasn’t their plan, I know that Mrs. Bowers was grateful and it gave them a chance to continue building a relationship with her in the name of Jesus. Jim Ingram and Bill Ford worked together during the morning making contacts, as did Harry and Ann Lane. All were invited to lunch which was a ‘little of this and little of that‘ lunch! Cathy Garrison contributed a meat and potato pie that was delicious.

I had some interesting encounters during the day as I tried to take care of some things at the office that were piling up. (There were 26 messages on the answering machine!) Two men came by at different times who really needed to just talk to someone. Another was a visit from Mr. Little, who is a wonderful elderly Asian man that I have come to know and love since Katrina. Occasionally I have to ask him to repeat his words, but he does a pretty good job with English. He is still in his FEMA camper. His gas hot water heater was replaced by an electric one, but there is no power running to it. So he wanted to know if we had an electrician that could come hook it up. I told him that we didn’t, but that we may have someone coming in a few weeks who could help him. Mr. Little is a persistent man. Many months ago when we were delivering washers and dryers from Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, he came by the building every day to remind us of his need. He does not drive. So every day he rode his bicycle the 4 miles or so from his house to the church. He reminded me so much of that ‘persistent widow’ Jesus told about. The day we delivered his washer and dryer he was not home. When I got back to the church building he was there waiting on me. He requested the washer and dryer yet again in his humble and sweet and persistent manner. I said, “you want another one?” He looked at me in a confused way … and then I told him I had just dropped it off at his house and his washing machine was hooked up. He was elated!  Since that time many months ago he has written Central Church of Christ at least a half dozen thank you letters. Cards arrive at every holiday. Last Thanksgiving he sent a card with an original poem in it. That poem is at the end of this post.

Gary Kirkendall arrived about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. After wrapping a few things up we went to Dough Joe’s for coffee and conversation for an hour. I have been blessed with several friends I consider “life long friends”. Gary is one of those. As Danny did earlier this week, Gary used his own personal story to illustrate how to move ahead when we get ready to make a change. He shared both his struggles and his accomplishments. We had almost 50 in attendance and I do not think anyone’s attention wavered during Gary’s presentation.  I’m looking forward to tonight, the last night of the Community Bible Classes. 

Today is supposed to be a rainy day with Thunderstorms. Kevin and Greg plan on working at Mrs. Bowers’ home this morning if it rains. This will help her get a little closer to getting back into her home. This is mission work also. 

This afternoon I will take Johnny Ford to the eye doctor. In the past year his eyesight has deteriorated and he is no longer to read even the Giant Print Bible he has. Dr. Brewer, who ownes Brewer Optical in the Singing River Mall, has agreed to see Johnny at no charge. I appreciate this so much.

I’ll end with the poem from Mr. Little:

The Modern Pilgrims

We, the victims of Hurricane Katrina salute

The Modern Pilgrims,

You, volunteers helped us restoring our ruined homes and normal daily living

Jasper Little and Family


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