Thinking About Your Sunday Morning Host

08.22.13Have you ever thought about who hosts our worship time together?

When we assemble at our church, I get up and make announcements and welcome everyone, but I’m not the host.

Generous people from the past have built a facility for us to use, but they are not our hosts.

The elders have called upon us to meet together for class, worship, evening worship and again on Wednesdays, but they are not our hosts.

It is actually Jesus who is the host of our gathering. We are here in his name, praying through His authority. Our spiritual nourishment comes from him; He is the bread of life. The blood of Jesus ties us all together into one family. The gospel of Jesus is preached. The praises of Jesus are raised with our voices. The participation of all that we do is enjoined as we give. It is only through Jesus that we come to the Father.

If you ever think that ‘church’ is unimportant or not worth your time … you might want to have a talk with the host of this gathering!

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