The X-Factor

When American Idol became the top television show, there were sure to be those who wanted to cash in on similar shows. I admit to being an American Idol fan. I didn’t watch the first season, but every season since. Personally, I do not really enjoy the show until they whittle down to the top 12 or so … I don’t like the audition episodes much. The singing / music is the part I like. The judges, however, help add a lot to the shows whether you like them or not.

I have not watched The X Factor in previous seasons except an occasional episode if I happened to catch it. But this year I decided to dvr it and see if I enjoyed it or not. It’s not the ratings giant that AI is, for sure. There are a couple of things I really like about X Factor, though.

The auditions are in front of a live audience. I know there are still the clowns that come out and ham it up for laughs, but when the auditions are in front of the audience, there is a greater emotional charge than just watching the judges roll their eyes such as on AI. There have been some great auditions this season and I look forward to hearing more from these hopeful singers. Most of them have very difficult backgrounds and struggles and hope this will be their big break.

The performers are a focus of the show. For AI, it seems the first several weeks are nothing but making fun of the performers. It’s almost like AI is against them, but X Factor seems to propel them forward and help them look their best. Doesn’t everybody love a rags-to-riches story … rooting for the underdog kind of tale. I think X Factor is producing that.

I like the judges. I am not in the music business and have no idea who LA Reid is. I’ve never heard Demi Lovato sing that I know of. But they are likable, and mostly encouraging. Simon Cowell plays his role well, sometimes cruel, but most of the time he is right. And there is Britney Spears.

The redemption of Britney Spears? I have not been a big Spears fan. She started off as a teenager in a much-too-sexy-for-her-age persona. Her meltdowns and personal struggles have been detailed by the media. Her stage shows and song lyrics are provocative, and sometimes shocking. In short, she has used her body and her beauty. Sex sells, and Britney has sold herself to the public. I wonder if X Factor is the redemption of Britney Spears? Because the truth is that Spears is simply charming in her role as a judge on the show. It is my hope that this is perhaps a new beginning for Spears. I’m sure some would say she doesn’t need a new beginning – she’s mega rich, touring sold out shows, and a world wide pop queen. That’s been true for a long time, but it hasn’t been a great ride for Britney. I’m not suggesting she’ll show up next on the Gaither Gospel Hour, but I wish her the best.

I don’t know if you will like The X Factor or not, but I’ve enjoyed it. And I’ve had a few spiritual thoughts about the show as well. I’ll save those for the next post.

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