The Sounds of Camp

Last week our granddaughter Claire attended Gulf Coast Bible Camp. She had a great week – which is to be expected. For many years I spent a week out at GCBC in various roles. Yes it was hot, yes there were sometimes discipline problems, yes mosquitoes dined on me daily … but none of that compares to what camp offers. The sounds of camp that come to mind as I reflect about that great experience include the singing of children that sounds like angels … the splash of water in the pool as someone gives their life to Christ and is baptized … the crickets in the morning before everyone gets up …the low mumble of hushed voices in cabins after lights out.

We are blessed to have Camp Ch-Yo-Ca in our backyard. Friends still attend Sardis Lake Christian Camp and Wyldewood Christian Camp. The first camp I attended was Camp Smiling Acres. ¬†They are on different ‘acres‘ today than they were back then. I see that Scotty Lee is directing second session. We were both teenagers attending Camp Smiley at the same time under direction of Ray Morris. My parents dropped me and my brother off at camp. I remember crying because I didn’t want to go.

Today I looked through some of my pictures from GCBC and I’m still crying over camp. Only now, decades later, I’m remembering so many wonderful people that I’ve been blessed to be associated with. John Robert loved Gulf Coast Bible Camp. He started attending before he was really old enough and he attended every retreat as well. Now my granddaughter is enjoying the same camp along with some of the same leaders.

So I decided to put together a little video with camp pictures from GCBC. John Robert appears throughout them. I doubt there could be anything as life changing as a week at Christian camp. God is given free course to move in our hearts when we disengage from our noisy culture and focus on Him. I would encourage every parent to make sure their kids participated in Christian camp.


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