The Secular Satan

A recent DRUDGE REPORT headline screamed that Rick Santorum had declared that Satan was attacking our country (story link HERE). He did so in 2008 while speaking at a church.  Rush Limbaugh commented on the story and made some observations HERE. Michael Savage and Sarah Palin have weighed in on this as well. It seems to me that there was quite a little storm over this idea that Satan might actually have an agenda.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.                    ~1 Peter 5:8

The secular Satan is merely a force to blame when things go wrong. It’s a means of expression, kind of like Murphy’s Law. The secular Satan is not real. He means no more to the secular man that claiming that Mother Nature is angry if it storms. His is the “devil may care” attitude of life. Or when things get really bad there may be “hell to pay”. But since he isn’t real, he cannot have a plot. And certainly he would not plot against America!

Secular Satan is similar to secular Jesus.  Secular Jesus wants hungry people to be fed, the homeless to be housed, the naked to be clothed and the sick to be made well. Justice is the calling card of secular Jesus. Everybody likes secular Jesus. Secular Jesus isn’t asking me to make changes in my life nor to overcome sin – he just desires me to be nice, civil, and mindful of my fellow man.

This week when the real Satan was mentioned in secular politics, “all hell broke loose.” This is why Christians need to stop talking about bad luck (is there any such thing?) and the pitfalls of human nature and realize that there is a real enemy working against us.

The Real Jesus demands an exclusive attachment and following. He is not just a concept of all that is good and right – he is the resurrected Lord to whom all authority has been given. If the political candidates start talking about a resurrected Christ, the secular media will have the same reaction.

The danger for Christians is that we can become much too secular – much too blase’ about spiritual realities. We can become focused on social justice comfortably without a thought given to the spiritual realities that drive us to social justice.

The earliest Christians, as they were persecuted and scattered throughout the known world, could not stop talking about the resurrected Christ.

For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. ~Acts 4:20

Today’s Christians temper their speech so as not to alarm their secular neighbors. Maybe that’s why the flame isn’t spreading like it should. In that sense, an unreal powerless secular Satan may have silenced the crowd that should be speaking the loudest. Sounds like a plan of Satan to me!


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