The Real Issue Is Money

I am not among the group(s) of religious people who believe that birth control is sinful. It’s not that I investigated that and found it to be lacking. I was brought up in a faith family that does not generally present a message one way or another on this subject. But I am interested in the current discussion as it has become a political pawn in the implementation of Obamacare especially as it relates to Catholic hospitals, universities and charities. (One of a thousand news stories HERE.) The distribution of contraceptives is mandated via the Federal Government and this is being seen as an intrusion into the practice of religion in America.

While I guess there is something to be said for the ‘slippery slope‘ (i.e. what’s next?), I do not think that contraception is the real issue here. The issue is money. This ruling applies to those institutions that are receiving money from the Federal Government. (It does not apply to the churches – only the institutions that receive federal funding).

So, let me get this right. If I get millions of dollars from the Federal Government, there are some strings attached? I would have to do some things the way they say I have to do them? I really do not have any problem understanding that.

But I don’t know how much the Catholic Church receives from the Federal Government. I’m not alone.

Why has no one found out how much the federal government gives to the Roman Catholic Church already and why that does not affect the division between the State and religion? ~Political Center at NewsVine

So the answer is a tough one. If the Catholic church stops taking government funds then hospitals close, universities suffer, and all of the good being done by Catholic believers is diminished. THIS STORY says, “Religious groups that oppose the regulation say that it forces people of faith to choose between upholding church doctrine and serving the broader society.”

Interesting that the secular press is reminding churches of their primary focus. 

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote about this very clearly recently in USA Today.

It’s not at all simple, and it will certainly continue to be a political football. Just remember when people are shouting that religious liberties are being trampled upon that the other side of the coin is Federal funding has been received for years. Our area is served by a Catholic hospital – and I would hate to see that service diminished.

But it’s not a political issue (but certain ones will rise up to try to appear to be the hero of the day!). It is not a religious issue – no one is being forced to use birth control, nor write prescriptions for contraceptives. It is a money issue. And the way the world works is that the one who gives you the money gets to tell you how to use it.



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