The Mirror

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.  James 1:23-24

Our spiritual life is always fluid, never solid. Jesus is solid, but our faith, dedication, commitment, willingness to follow, our perceptions of good and evil are always in flux. We so easily take our eyes from Jesus and wander from His way. Our belief in our own maturity betrays us because soon after we affirm our strength we are found glancing in the wrong direction. One glance is enough to captivate our hearts. A moment of weakness becomes a lifetime of regret. Is there anyone who is left untouched by the enemy’s destructive work? I think not.

Self-deception is our common enemy … perpetrated by the ‘father of lies’ … the one who seeks to destroy us. We feel that it couldn’t happen to us, but if that is what we think then our self-deception is farther along than we knew. It is so easy to see everything except what is right before us. It’s our fallen nature creeping back to life and desiring to take control. So many times I have been searching for something at my home only to have my wife point it out – right in front of me all the time! I know I’m not the only one to look for my spectacles while they were resting comfortably on top of my head.

Often our sins are no different. We entered into them inch by inch, not feeling that they would make a significant difference. Somehow over time they became idols. We are often blinded to their influence. They can take on any shape or size or form.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent innocence of the object you’ve chosen. What is it’s function? Most of our idols also have a perfectly legitimate place in our lives. That’s their cover. That’s how we get away with our infidelity…. no one stops to think. We don’t want to take a good, hard look at what we are really doing, for then we might see the lie. We would expose the impostors….Our idols become the means by which we forget who we truly are where we truly come from. They numb us.” (John Edredge, The Journey of Desire, p. 80-81.)

The mirror does not do us any good if we refuse to see what is right there in front of us. Do not turn away your eyes. We need to see the truth, even if we do not want it to be true. Recognizing the truth is a step toward dealing with all sin in our lives. Some groups use 12 steps to deal with addictions. My friend Bud suggested that these are just principles for dealing with sin. I agree. This is the first thought in a series of posts. Stay tuned.


LOST. I can’t end this post without at least a recognition of last night’s episode. A friend says it’s “a throwaway episode”. I don’t think so. Juliette once again is either a total liar, or she is deceived herself. I tend to think she is deceiving our LOST compadres. We are now ready to say goodbye to Charlie, who almost certainly will not survive the season. I also think this was an important night for rounding out the character of Charlie, because he has done some pretty crummy things in his life (and on the island). So the redemption of Charlie was appreciated. The re-introduction of Rose and her husband back into the story was great. The tension factor was ramped up quite a bit when we find out that the Others are not coming tomorrow night, but TONIGHT! Jack takes his place as leader of the pack once again, although from the previews we know that this may not turn out all that great. In other words, I drank in every minute and enjoyed it all!

AMERICAN IDOL. I was very disappointed to see Malinda voted off the show, but not surprised. We were down to three super-talented individuals and somebody had to be voted off. No matter how much we like any of them, we can’t keep three…it has to come down to one. That’s the rules of the game! Interestingly enough, in my estimation Malinda is by far the best singer of the three. She has a career awaiting her, so I do not mourn her loss. However, she does not have the youth or the looks that drive a media career. I fully expect Jordin Sparks to be the American Idol. She is perfection in singing, beautiful in appearance, lovely in demeanor. Blake is OK, he has a cool gimmick, and he is a fine performer. Really, though, should he still be on the show? No. And America will fix that next week. Of course, I once posed this same opionion when Ruben Studdard (a fairly talented guy) ran away with the big title and all that goes with it while Clay Aiken (a super talent) went home empty handed (so to speak).

Now I must address my brother Bud’s comments about American Idol upon his first viewing (left as a comment on my last post). First, I know he will grin about being mentioned TWICE in one post … so that’s making me grin. I congratulate Bud on finally watching the show. Great! But … he dissed Ryan! Man…that is not cool. Ryan changes his look for each episode. I do agree, though, that the scruffy look is not his best. He’ll be decked out for the finale. As for Paula, Simon, and Randy being tired…I’m sure they are…but they were doing their thing like regular. Malinda IS the best singer of the season. But as I explained above, this is not only a singing competition … it is about the total package. And lovely as she is, Jordin will have greater mass appeal. And I loved Jordin’s song that Simon hates. I’m glad Bud broke down and watched American Idol. And I always like it when he leaves comments.


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