The LOST Finale

I’m not sure I was going to write a post on the LOST finale, which aired last night.  But then my friend Paula Harrington wrote in a comment on my last post: Wow, just watched the finale. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. Oh the responsibility that has been hoisted upon my shoulders! The truth is, though, that I have all the same questions everyone else has. Well, not everyone. There are some really dumb and uninformed questions out there.

There were lots of tears in our house as the ending unfolded. The awakenings that brought together characters who had been separated were so heart touching. The ending was not a disappointment to me.  I thought the finale presented the major theme of the series – redemption. During the series every character’s flaws and mistakes were revealed, as well as opportunities to make changes that reflected a desire to move beyond themselves.

I thought the umbrella under which most of our unanswered questions reside is to be found in a statement uttered by Ben: “That’s just the way Jacob ran things.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have the sixth season of LOST on DVD. Then I plan to watch the entire series yet again…only to the conclusion this time.

I think my favorite review of the finale was HERE. There is a good bit of exposition on the Christian themes contained therein.

I also appreciated Les Ferguson’s Ruminations on Lost.

Was the LOST finale everything I hoped it would be? Yes.

Now is there anything comparable on television?

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